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Video’s conferentie The Future of Gold

by Brecht Arnaert on 10 mei 2019

Dear friends,

I have been convinced, for some time now, that time does not exist. Since our day in Breda, for instance, almost two months have passed. Hope you are all doing well, and that you have all bought a bit more gold?
This column is just to inform you that all the presentations and interviews are now online for free. I was selling them at first, but in hindsight, I think this is information everyone should be able to have.
As such, please feel free to share the following links to whoever might be interested. Scott is trying to get some traction for his YouTube-channel, so any promotion of these video’s would be welcome:
1. Diederik Schmull: “The Future of the Dollar”

For your recollection: Mr. Schmull was Vice President of Morgan Stanley for 27 years and in that capacity, he has gained a broad view on international FX-markets. He was the first speaker of the day, delivering a captivating macro-economic analysis.


2. Brecht Arnaert: “How to safely structure your portfolio”

For your recollection: My talk was the second talk: having heard the macro-economic outlook delivered by Mr. Schmull, the question now is how we react as investors, on a micro-economic level. In this presentation I share my strategy.

3. Scott Schamber: Global Gold, the Swiss Solution for storing precious metals
For your recollection: The third talk was delivered by Mr. Scott Schamber, Director of Precious Metals at Global Gold. Mr. Schamber talked about the safety of their storage program, high up in the Swiss mountains.
4. Dimitri Speck: “The Future of Gold”

For your recollection: Dimitri Speck is an internationally recognized expert on the manipulation of the gold price. In this presentation he tells us how this manipulation takes place.

5. Mark Valek: “Gold and Bitcoin, stronger together?”

For your recollection: Mark Valek was the fifth speaker at our conference, and took an original angle on gold: what if we make use of the highs in BTC to buy gold, and vice versa?

6. Thibaut Lepouttre: “What to look for in mining companies
For your recollection: Mr. Lepouttre was the last speaker at our conference, but certainly not the least. He explained to us how he picks junior mining stocks, and gave us 3 + 3 + 2 actionable tips.
With that, you have over 10 hours of decent material to study, share and spread. Would you please help me and Scott do that? Post a link on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Thanks in advance.
Hope you are all doing well?
Best regards from sunny Madrid,
PS: On the 20th of October, I am organizing a new conference, this time on the future of Christianity; with the “accidental” fire in the Nôtre-Dame, I thought that was a good theme. Sadly, the conference will only be in Dutch.


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