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by Wilge on 3 november 2016

Bericht van Paul Buitink, initiatiefnemer van het Reinvent.Money congres van vorige maand. Mocht je de video-opnames waardevol vinden schroom dan niet om een donatie over te maken.


We’d like you to know that the videos of the discussions at Reinvent.Money are now online:

Part 1 – What is the role of banks and central banks in the digital age?
Part 2 – Is the euro a dismal coin?
Part 3 – Does our future money need nation states?

What started with 350 people in 2014 doubled to around 700 this year. The enormous interest for monetary reform has not gone by unnoticed by our speakers either – your participation will surely have impact on the advances of the debate.

Thanks to more than 120 donations we were able to cover most of the expenses. In order to organize the event on such a large scale, we do like to see the share of attendees valuing our efforts to be slightly higher than it currently is. We therefore kindly request you to consider a donation, however small, if you haven’t already done so.

Donate €10
Donate €20
Donate €50


We’d like extend our great gratitude to our long-time sponsors Bitonic, the most reliable site in Europe to trade bitcoins, and, the best comparison site for precious metals in The Netherlands, without whom we couldn’t have made the event possible. Also we thank Ons Geld for their relentless promotion efforts.A great photo impression of the event, shot by Ramon van Jaarsveld, can be viewed here.

Also, interesting articles about the event were published in the Volkskrant, Financieel Dagblad and on The Post Online. In addition we’d like to thank Rob Visser of CommuniCadans who live tweeted the highlights of the event. Because of his and your tweets we were number 1 trending on Twitter in Holland!


Last but not least we’d like to thank you for making Reinvent.Money a success.

Please keep providing us with feedback on how we can improve the experience. Every year we’re willing to experiment with new content, speakers or a whole different set-up.

Let us all persist together in expanding our knowledge and minds and together work on the evolution of a better monetary system.

Warm regards,

Paul Buitink – Twitter
Martijn Jeroen van der Linden – Twitter
Richard van der Linde – Twitter

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